Saturday, April 10, 2010

Goodbye to great friends.

Today we said goodbye to our new found friends from Germany. After staying with us for almost a week it was hard to see them go as they became just like older brothers, but I am glad that we have a bond that is stronger than any other bond know on this earth. The bond of being brothers in Christ!!! Even though we may never see them again on this earth. We will see them in Glory some glad day. Good night all.


Work day!!! Meditation on God's Holy Word.

Today, I had an eventful day. My brother and I got up early to help a lady from our church clean up her property with some other men from church. Two friends of ours that our staying with us from Germany came with us. We cleaned out a lot of stuff and took four dump truck loads to the scrap yard. We were burning everything else. We loaded all the wood into the truck and dumped it into the fire. After five or six loads of timber the fire was so hot we could not get within 10-15 feet of it. It was also so hot that it set a tree on fire near bye. We ended up having to call the Fire Department even though it ended up that we had it under control. It made me think about eternity and hell. It also made me think of the story in the Bible of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego when they stood up for what they believed in. They were not afraid of being throw into the furnace of fire that was heated 7 times hotter than normal for not bowing down to the king's image. They knew that if it was God's will that they should die they would be instantly with him. I don't know about you, but I am glad that I will never have to see the gates of Hell because of my excepting what Christ has done for me by dying on the cross. How about you reader? Do you know where you are going when you die? Jesus Christ paid the price of your sin by dying in the worst death that anyone could be given. He was given forty lashes with a cat-o-nine tails then nailed to a cross. The only way that he could breath on that cross was by pushing himself up by the very nails that held him there. It was a death of suffocation which is a very long and painful process. He did this for me and you. He gave up his life so that we may have eternal life with him in heaven. He rose from the grave on the third day conquering death and the grave, so that we would know that death is not the end. What is your decision? He is waiting for you with open arms calling you to him.
What will you decide? I leave you to make your decision. Good night.