Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow, snow, and more snow!

Man, there is a lot of snow out there. We got about 18-20 inches yesterday on top of the 21 inches we got Saturday. We were out snow blowing and shoveling yesterday. Just one hint for all you who use snow blowers. DON"T bump your hand against the muffler at all costs. I made that mistake for the first and last time ( hopefully )  yesterday and it burned my finger through my glove! Figures it was on my guitar hand before a music day. Thankfully, there was lots of cold snow to stick my hand in. I thank God that it wasn't my whole hand! Well, We have been pretty much stuck at home. So, I have had plenty of time to practice my hammered dulcimer. I am getting started on arranging some songs to record for an album I am producing. Hopefully, I will get it done soon. Well, Talk to you all later.