Thursday, October 23, 2014

Confident in Grace

   I have been sitting here just thinking for the past hour or so. Scary right? Originally, I sat down to work through some lyrics for a song that has been floating through my head today, but I am having major musicians block. So, I have just been sitting still! Pondering on things that have me concerned. 

       To start, I have been noticing that Christians as a whole struggle with confidence in Grace. Gods unmeritted favor and love for us. I know personally I have been struggling to be real, to be honest, and to live a life that is without the masks. I think that the life I am striving to live is the end result of the working of God's grace in the believers life. 

   As Christians we are supposed to be iron sharpening iron. Correct? How then can we live with the masks? The masks of perfection that we place on ourselves to keep others from knowing "The Struggle".  The true monster hidden inside us if you will. The masks we create are quite frankly wrong and unbiblical! In my personal life it showed that I didn't have a true understanding of Grace in my life because if I truly understood God's grace in my life. Then I would have realized that no matter what I do, nothing can take away God's love for me! That is where our confidence can be found. 

The masks just show our insecurities. 

     If we are secure in what Christ did for us on the cross then we should be fostering that genuineness. I will be the first one to say that I am not perfect. That being honest scares me. I just want to be accepted and being open and honest about my struggles might change peoples opinions of me. That they may no longer accept me, because I am not perfect. That is a real fear in my life. So, when someone asks me how I am doing? I am faced with the choice. Do I answer with fine or do I answer with I am really glad you asked because I am really struggling in these areas. Can you please be praying for me. Now when I am talking about confidence in God's unchanging grace. I do not mean pride. I am not proud of the things I struggle with, I am humbled by God's forgiveness and love! Is it possible to be humble and confident at the same time? Absolutely!

So, Are you living in and confident in the fullness of God's work of grace?


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